Patio Heater

Erase the seasons with our diverse selection of patio heaters. Extend the party outdoors as your patio heater transforms cool fall and spring nights into cozy gatherings. Give Jack Frost no credence. Instead, transform long days of dark and cold into outdoor bliss beneath one of our outdoor heating options.


Whether a more traditional stand or one with literal flare and figurative flair, we offer both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing options for open spaces. Floor and counter height gas options are available as are those with a centralized flame encased in quartz tubing. Known for endurance, heavy-duty burners and the ability to withstand the elements, our patio heaters provide wide-span heat coverage. In effort to protect heaters from the weather elements, Big Horn also has cover options for select heaters.   Let us help you stay warm while enjoying the outdoor life.

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